The Warriors visit Te Aro to talk about Reading

Last week, Ben Henry from the Warriors came to Te Aro School and shared with us examples of why it is really important for us all to learn to read and how much fun it is.  Together we read a children’s story book about the Warriors.  We had competitions and won lots of cool prizes.  It was an awesome afternoon!

Click on the link below to watch a video of us reading together with Ben

Warriors and Te Aro School


School Book Fair

1 2 3Last week from Monday to Friday it was the school book fair on Friday to celebrate the end of the book fair we had a dress up day, you could dress up as any book character like the famous Harry Potter or the ever adventuring Tintin. Many people dressed up really well and the teachers looked like they came out of a book! Overall we had a great day dressed up as our favourite book characters.


Principal’s Message

April 2015

We have started the new term with a hiss and roar. Claire and Anna’s classes (Ruma Nikau and Ruma Koromiko) have the opportunity to learn in-line roller blading skills so they can play hockey at the recreation centre in Kilbirnie on a Monday afternoon.

Melanie and Amy’s classes (Ruma Tawa and Ruma Kauri) are off swimming on a Tuesday.
Across the school students have been learning about why we commemorate ANZAC Day. From this social science focus classes have been immersed in reading, writing, drawing, and painting. The main foyer corridor has even been filled with the sounds of a bugle playing the Last Post!
The fine weather in our first week back has meant that all the classes have been able to get outside to begin their cross country training.

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Principal’s Message

Xin nian kuai le
Hari tau hou
Happy New Year

This has been one of the warmest summers that I can remember in a long time. I hope that the warm weather has meant that you and your family have enjoyed being outdoors and that the summer activities you have participated in have meant that as a family you have some great summer tales to share. Whatever you and your family did over the summer I do hope you feel recharged to begin the new school year. Continue reading


Summer Reading Event

Despite the un-Summer-y weather, there was a good turn out after school for the annual Summer Reading event. Children and families enjoyed a warming sausage sizzle before or after taking part in a range of fun activities. These included completing a quiz to identify mystery book readers; origami and art activities, making bookmarks and, best of all, selecting six books each to take home to enjoy throughout the holidays. Many children were delighted to receive a mystery parcel containing a ‘surprise’ book and spot prizes of magnets and pencils were gratefully received.
Many​ Te Aro whanau are going to have lots of pleasure enjoying books together during the long holiday period.