Happening New Zealand Music Month School Concert

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New Zealand Music Month School Concert

We celebrated NZ Music Month here at school with a concert on Friday 25 May. It was a wonderful afternoon of music enjoyed by staff, students, and parents. Our Music Month Concert was an opportunity for people to express and share their musical talent with us. Now we are going to share it with you, with blurbs, videos and photos of what we have done. So watch out for the amazing Treefrog and Felix with their Goat song on the piano – not to mention Twinkle Twinkle little Star, like you’ve never heard it before. There’s also Peter’s parents who are half of the NZ String Quartet. Russell introduces us to the Blues. Simi comes back to lead us all in a song. Many of our own students even brave the stage! Just check it out and you’ll want to watch out for it next time it comes around at Te Aro School.

By Zenith, Maric and Sam

The Aristocats seems to be Bess's favourite movie! Her twinkling fingers brought the most faraway cat to silence as they listened to her Aristocats theme tune – because everybody wants to be a cat!

- Niamh and Mia

Claire Terry’s song is about something we can really relate to – it’s about people our age and we all have friends. She has put it in a song.

- Stevie and Sofia

He is my dad’s student.

He is my classmate.

He is a great artist.

Watch this to see Neo’s amazing performance.

- Felix

Paretao could hold her notes beautifully and had great timing because it was very slow and she kept it in tune.

- Norma and Gloria

Groove to the Blues – Russell came on stage. He strummed his brass guitar and the magic began. It was funny how he changed the song, “Sweet Home Chicago” to “Sweet Home Te Aro.” It was fun and groovy with a beat of its own.

Not only can he clean to a shine, but he can damn well sing and play!

- Jimena

Simi was great as our caretaker but now he’s retired from being a caretaker at our school. Now he plays the guitar great!

- Maric and Amalamo

The school band, Wellyswag, created a great show for the school. They co-operated efficiently and they kept in good synchronisation. I obviously enjoyed it, because I participated as a pianist.

- Neo

Oliver and Peter were really unlikely duet players but they were really awesome at it.

- Sam and Dom

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